LANcet Chat

LANcet Chat is a software for real-time message exchange over a local network (LAN). You don’t need to install a dedicated chat server. All participants can connect at any time and see each other automatically. Just run the chat on every computer and have fun.

Chat can easily maintain over 100 users at the same time. The only limitation is that you have to be inside a single subnet without software/hardware routers between the users who want to participate.

The main features of LANcet Chat:

  • no need for pre-configuration;
  • no need for an allocated server, it works in conference style, therefore all participants have equal rights;
  • chat can start automatically with Windows and stay in the system tray (near the clock) waiting for messages throughout the whole day without disturbing you;
  • desktop sharing option for real-time assistance
  • private messages can be sent;
  • offline messaging is supported;
  • standard emoticons allowed;
  • video chat over LAN;
  • voice calls without an Internet;
  • popup windows and sounds will inform you of a new incoming message or when a new user appears in your contact list;
  • system allows you to hide Chat from your desktop by pressing the <Esc> key. As quick as you hid it, you can restore the Chat window using a key combination or mouse click;
  • simple contact list control allows you to make groups of recipents or lists for broadcastion options.

Just download, one click install, and start a chat!

Download LAN Chat

LANcet Chat